The “attaches to” relationship

The Shirt Ontology is structured by the part relationships and hierarchical class relationships. But other types of relationships can also be defined. One of these is the “attaches to” relationship.

The “attaches to” relationship describes two regional parts that are connected by a seam. An example of this relationship is:

Collar properattaches toCollar band

Notice that this is a bidirectional relationship (and therefore the arrowhead has been omitted).

The two diagrams below display all the “attaches to” relationships for the shirt. The first diagram uses the names of the classes and the second uses pictures. The blue shapes group together the classes that are regional parts of the Collar, Shirt body, Left sleeve, and Right sleeve.

attaches to relationships

attaches to relationships

Recall that Sleeve proper has been divided into three regions (proximal, intermediate, and distal). These regions are related by a “is continuous with” with relationship.

This is the series of relationships from Left half of front of shirt body proper to Left Cuff:

Left half of front of shirt body properattaches toProximal region of left sleeve properis continuous with
Intermediate region of left sleeve properis continuous withDistal region of left sleeve proper
attaches toLeft cuff

In the FMA

The FMA contains a number of relationships that describe how anatomical structures are connected.

Pharynxis continuous withEsophagusis continuous withStomach

Right hip bonearticulates withRight femurarticulates withRight tibia

Short head of biceps brachiiattaches toApical part of coracoid process

Right lymphatic ductefferent toRight brachiocephalic vein