About the OCDM


The OCDM will provide the foundation for integrating the data of FaceBase craniofacial researchers. At the most basic level, the OCDM provides a set of standardized anatomy terms for annotating data. At a deeper level, the OCDM models knowledge of anatomy of the head. This is done by linking the terms (formalized as classes) with different types of relationships. For example, “Floor of mouth” has regional part “Left sublingual gland”, and “Primary palate” is derived from “Intermaxillary process”. Therefore, software can later be developed that will use this knowledge to help researchers locate data relevant to their questions of interest.


The OCDM is under active development. The content viewable on these webpages will reflect the latest additions to the ontology, and will be updated more frequently than the downloadable OWL file on the FaceBase site.


This research is supported by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research under Grant No. 1U01DE020050-01.

About this website

The pages in this website are provided so that people can gain a sense of the content, scope, and complexity of the OCDM. They are not intended for tasks of data annotation or to show how an end user would interact with the OCDM within a software application.